L.T. Ward (she/her) is a short story writer, working on adding ‘novelist’ to her resume. This site is where her scattered thoughts and stories come together.

L.T. writes mostly speculative fiction shorts and novels while spending her days raising her children and satisfying her never-ending thirst for knowledge through reading, meeting people, and first-hand life experiences. She writes for various age groups and has several published short stories in the literary, historical, fantasy, and speculative fiction genres. She currently volunteers as a Board member and coordinator with WriteHive, an online writers’ conference.

‘Fight for Me’ from Me First Magazine Published June 9, 2020.

Kristen is drowning as a stay-at-home of four children in a partnerless marriage. She’s been living the life expected of her, but something was missing–her.

#literaryfiction #life #adultfiction #plasticsurgery #singing

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